Hospitality is offered by no profit association “F.A.S.”, that operates collaborating with the Catholic Mission of Suç and works to fundraise in order to promote  activities for children, boys and young men of the area. The association, providing guide-interpreter for italian and english languages, can give logistic and technical help for possible troubles or necessities (mechanical assistance for cars, health care or other needs). The camping consists of an enclosed court near the church with:

  • toilets and showers
  • electricity supply
  • place to cook or heat up food
  • wireless internet access
  • TV room with italian channels
  • hall or shady porch for hottest hours of the day
  • on demand (limited) it is possible to have a berth in the lounge
  • room with 4 bunk beds and own bathroom (reservation required)

The area offered for hospitality is a holy site, so respectful behavior is required (inside the enclosure of the Oasis is forbidden to be in swimsuit or making noises during the night). In the small church of the Oasis the mass is celebrated every sunday afternoon. It is possible to enter and leave the Oasis by car from 6 am to 11 pm