In Albania, along the banks of the River Mat, in the village of Suc (a few kilometers from the town of Burrel), there is the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas. The Mat River, which crosses the center-east of Albania going to form the lake Ułęż (large hydroelectric reservoir), is the river that gives its name to the wide valley that leads in Macedonia, to the east of the Balkans. The road that follows the course of the river, recently settled, leads to the Macedonian border in just over an hour from the Church. It  is a touristic road for who wants to go east. Even though secondary, it is the shortest way to reach Turkey and Palestine for those coming from Europe. The region is very suitable for farm holiday and responsible tourism, both for its natural beauty (river, lake and mountains) and for the environment, not too transformed by modernity and, finally, because the prices of restaurants and shops are still very low. Landscapes and socio-cultural environment offer good opportunities to spend your days in a relaxing and enjoyable way. In the court of the Catholic Church of Suc hospitality is offered to tourists, to those who are looking for a quiet and safe palce for the night and, perhaps, want to stay a few days in the area to enjoy the natural beauty, but also to know the habits and customs of people living in mountain villages.

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