What to see

 For those who want to stay a day or more and, on demand, intend to be accompanied to visit the area (with a young guide-interpreter for the Italian and English languages) there are some interesting possibilities:

  • The Mat River, which flows peacefully in the valley, offers the possibility, in addition to a refreshing swim area and beaches, even for canoeing (must be equipped). On demand, the Association F.A.S. can also follows activities with a staff car.
  • On a trip lasting two days, with stops in tourist hut, (off-road and hiking - even by car and with a guide given by the Association), you can visit the famous lakes of Lura. They are 7 mountain lakes located in this characteristic area, very interesting from a naturalistic point of view. 
  • For those who love fishing, there is the possibility to freely play this relaxing  sport on the river or on Ulez Lake.
  • To know the habits and customs of the people, you can be accompanied in neighboring areas, including mountain, and can be hosted (for a meal or even overnight) in simple shepherds and farmers houses.
  • Depending on the season, there can also be an opportunity to partecipate to characteristic festivals, that take place especially for weddings.
  • Concerning the historical and religious interest, there are the small churches rebuilt or restored after the persecution by the regime. You can also have meetings with some of the elders of the area to learn about their past experience under the dictatorship.
  • In June, as well as in September / October, with the right climatic conditions, in the forests of the area there is an extraordinary flowering of mushrooms (especially “ovuli” and pore mushroom). It 'a paradise for fans of this activity!
  • During the hunting season, accompanied by members of the hunting club, you can hunt birds, deers and wild boars.